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Leeds Property Market to Crash in 2022?

  • According to some newspapers and pundits, the property market boom could soon be over with the increasing interest rates and inflation.
  • In this article, I share the 3 fundamental economic reasons why things are different to the last property market crash.
  • The insider’s way to find out if there will be a property crash.
  • ...and 4 reasons why buy-to-let landlords are coming back into the Leeds rental market to protect their wealth and hedge against inflation.


Leeds Rental Homes Nightmare

  • Leeds needs 1,838 additional private rented properties per year to keep up with current and future demand from Leeds tenants.
  • Yet over the last 5 years, Leeds has lost 2,960 private rented homes.
  • What are the 5 reasons the supply of private rental properties in Leeds are falling? What does this mean for tenants and landlords in Leeds?


Leeds Homeownership Rockets by 7,447 Homes in the Last 5 Years

  • The Leeds housing market over the last five years has behaved oddly.
  • Leeds house prices are 34.7% higher than in 2017, even though during those five years, the British economy had the uncertainty of Brexit and the massive fall in GDP during the pandemic.
  • Yet, a less observed trend is that the net number of homeowners in Leeds has risen by 7,447 households, a jump of 3.7%
  • Why has growth in homeownership happened, and what does it mean for existing homeowners in Leeds (and landlords)?


55,718 Leeds Terraced Houses - Why Are They So Popular?

Did you know there are 55,718 Terraced Houses in Leeds?
What is the history behind the humble terraced and why are they so popular with Leeds homeowners and Leeds buy-to-let investors?


52% Drop in Leeds Council Houses in the Last 40 Years

  • In 1981, 35.3% of properties in Leeds were council houses. Today, that figure stands at 16.9%, a proportional drop of 52%.
  • Why has the number of council houses dropped so much in those 40 years?
  • How has that changed the dynamics of the Leeds property market in those 40 years?


Why does it take 119 days to get the keys when you buy a Leeds house?

  • 6,011 properties have sold in the Leeds area in the last 12 months.
  • It only takes 37 days to sell a Leeds home, so why does it take 119 days from the sold board going up to the buyer getting the keys?
  • With a shortage of solicitors and a sub-standard conveyancing system, this article discusses what Leeds house sellers (and buyers) can do to speed up the house buying process.


1 in 4 Leeds Homeowners Unable to Sell

  • The average time to find a buyer for a Leeds property reduced from 53 days in 2020 to 37 days in 2021.
  • Yet still, just under 1 in 4 Leeds homeowners are on the market after 12 weeks.
  • Why are so many Leeds homes still on the market after all that time, and what does it mean for the Leeds property market?


How Will Rising Inflation Affect the Leeds Property Market in 2022?

The UK is currently experiencing its highest inflation rate since the early 1990s. What will this mean to the Leeds property market, people wanting to move home and Leeds house prices?


1 in 37 homes are sitting empty in the Leeds area

  • 9,734 homes in the Leeds area are empty, which represents 1 in 37 homes.
  • 3,254 of those have been empty for more than six months and are worth £720million.
  • Why are those properties standing empty and deteriorating and why could that become an issue for the whole of Leeds?


Leeds Household Heating Bills Set to Rise to £317,165,670 in 2022

The Energy Bills of every Leeds resident will rise by around a half in April as the price cap increases to account for the global increase in the cost of gas. Those not on the gas mains will still be hit as the UK uses gas to make 45% of its electricity. So, what can Leeds residents do to reduce their energy consumption and ultimately save money? Read this article to find out 68% of you already have a bespoke report on your Leeds home which tells you how to quickly and easily save money.. and if you have not any got one of these reports, how to get one


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