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Half of Leeds Homeowners Move Again Within 5 Years and 24 Weeks – Why?

The average British homeowner moves every 16 years 5 months according to official statistics. These appear to refute a common hypothesis that British neighbourhoods are becoming more transitory and show that, once you have succeeded in buying a property you can call home, there isn’t much motivation to move again… or is there another story behind the stats?


The Busiest December for the Leeds Housing Market Since 2006

Over the last six months, the Leeds Property Market has been flourishing. As soon as an Estate Agents For Sale flag went up, neighbours would be checking out Rioghtmove to see the internal pictures and compare the asking price to their own home. So with Leeds house prices rising on the back of this demand, everything appears to looking up for Leeds homeowners and landlords. However, with the spectre of the Stamp Duty holiday ending on the 31st March 2021, could this kill the Leeds property market in the Summer?


11% Drop in Leeds Homes ‘For Sale’ in Last 5 Months. What does this mean for Leeds property owners?

With most Leeds families home schooling their children in lockdown and the forthcoming Stamp Duty Holiday deadline on 31st March, less Leeds properties have been coming onto the Leeds property market since the New Year. This has prompted an 11% drop in the supply of homes for sale in Leeds compared to September 2020.


Leeds Property Market: Is it Time to Stamp Out Stamp Duty?

Stamp Duty is a tax most property buyers pay when buying their Leeds home or buy-to-let investment, but in July 2020, buyers were given a Stamp Duty Tax break until April 2021. Yet, now around a third of a million UK property buyers are delayed in property sales and they coudl miss out on savings of up to £15,000 if the tax break is cancelled. Read what this will mean for the Leeds property market


1,373 Headingley Homeowners to be ‘Unchained’ From Toxic Leasehold Agreements in Biggest Shake-up of Property Law in Decade

Attention 1,373 Headingley Leaseholder Property Owners : The Government recently announced the biggest reform to Property Law for decades as they announced proposed new legislation on the way all 4.3 million UK leaseholders will deal with their Ground Rents and the ability to buy their own freehold.


Will the Leeds Property Market Crash in 2021? (And the three reasons why it will not be the catastrophic scenario some are predicting)

The Leeds property market has resisted every Economist’s prediction. With the economy a shadow of its former self, unemployment set to hit 11.9%, the Government on track to borrow nearly half a trillion pounds to pay for Coronavirus support packages etc, all of this has had no effect on Leeds homeowner’s enthusiasm or capability to want to move home over the last few months, yet will this all end in 2021 and the Leeds Property market crash? If you are a Leeds Homeowner or Leeds Buy-To-Let Landlord, read on!


Leeds Landlords and Second Homeowners Will Probably Save Money from the Proposed New Capital Gains Tax changes

Many Leeds Landlords have been alarmed at the prospect of Capital Gains Tax rising to as high as 45%, from its current maximum of 28%. In this article, I look at the proposed changes and show that for some – they could in fact save money. If you know a Leeds landlord – please show them this article


The 2020 Review of the Leeds Property Market

In this week’s article on the Leeds property market, I review what has happened to Leeds house prices and what is likely to happen in 2021. If you are a Leeds homeowner or landlord, you need to read this


As Leeds First-time Buyers are Being Locked Out of the Leeds Property Market – Rents Have Risen by 3.7%

With the banks reducing the number of low deposit mortgages since Covid-19 hit in the Spring, this has meant that the number of Leeds first-time buyers has been decreasing quickly, obligingly many of those would-be Leeds buyers wanting to make the first step onto the Leeds property ladder choose to stay in the Leeds rental sector. What does all this mean for those first-time buyers together with the impact on Leeds landlords and homeowners.


Each Leeds landlord could be hit by a £31,673 bill

With the second lockdown starting on the 5thNovember 2020, does this mean Leeds landlords can wave goodbye to their Leeds buy-to-let investment and see it go up in smoke on the bonfire of buy-to-let dreams, like a Guy Fawkes puppet?


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