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Live in Leeds and thinking of buying a property in 2022?

Buying your next property is all about finding a Leeds property with the features that match your requirements. However, what might be important to you as a homebuyer, might not be as important to other Leeds homebuyers or tenants.


The 7 Things Leeds Home Sellers Should (and Shouldn’t) Do in 2022

If you are a Leeds homeowner and are thinking of moving home in 2022, these 7 should (and should nots) will help you make the move smoother, quicker and more likely to happen.


What Will Happen to Leeds House Prices in 2022?

Will Leeds house prices fall in 2002? Or will they rise? Will we have a repeat of the Credit Crunch property crash of 2008? What will the property market be like in 2022?


Leeds People’s Addiction to their Spare Bedrooms?

Should OAP Leeds homeowners be forced to sell their large Leeds homes to make way for younger Leeds families to live in them? That is what the Housing Minster suggested recently. Or should the Government keep their noses out of how and where people live?


Should Leeds Landlords Be Worried About These New Rental Regulations?

Everyone should be doing their bit to help reduce the UK’s carbon footprint on the globe – yet the question is, is that burden being put too much on the shoulders of Leeds landlords with potential bills of £7,600+ in the next four years?


Leeds House Prices - The Effect of Rising Inflation

How worried should Leeds homeowners and landlords be about the rise in UK inflation on their finances and the value of their Leeds property?


With Leeds Tenants Deposits Totalling £81,558,610, how will ‘Lifetime Deposits’ Change the Leeds Rental Market?

The new Renter’s Reform Bill that will be published in the Spring could be the biggest change to the Leeds Buy-To-Let property market in 30 years with the introduction of transferable ‘Lifetime Deposits’


Is the Leeds Property Market Running Out of Steam?

With the number of Leeds properties selling this Autumn dropping due to several factors, is the Leeds Property Market running out of steam?


Would You Re-mortgage Your Leeds Home to Help Your Child Onto the Property Ladder?

Many Leeds parents move area to ensure their child gets into the best primary school or fund their university costs. Many of you reading this have even helped your children with the deposit for their first home from savings.


Leeds Homeowners to Face Post-Lockdown Mortgage Rate Rise of £718 a Year

Leeds homeowner? Interest Rates will rise three times by the late Summer of 2022 according to the everyone in the City. That means the 1 in 5 Leeds homeowners on a variable rate mortgage will be hit in the pocket with higher mortgage payments.


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